Graph & Beyond Lunch Break #11: Fuzzy Search - ArangoDB

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Graph & Beyond Lunch Break #11: Fuzzy Search

Fuzzy search is an umbrella term for approximate matching in text retrieval. A common application is to compensate for typos in search phrases. In this Lunch Break, we take a look at different similarity measures and show how fuzzy search works in ArangoDB.

Watch this session to learn about:

  • (Damerau-)Levenshtein edit distance N-Grams and N-Gram Similarity
  • Fuzzy search with ArangoSearch using Views, Analyzers, and AQL functions.

Want to learn more about Fuzzy Search?
Check out interactive tutorial
View ArangoSearch documentation

Simran Brucherseifer

Simran Spiller

About the Presenter:

Simran is a data modeling and migration enthusiast with a cultural sciences background. He is responsible for ArangoDB’s documentation, helps out with design questions, and supports the community, especially with AQL and JavaScript.