Graph & Beyond Lunch Break #9: ArangoML - ArangoDB

Graph & Beyond Lunch Break #9: ArangoML

Graph & Beyond Lunch Break #9: ArangoML

How are Graph Databases related to Machine Learning?

In this Graph & Beyond Lunch Session Jörg Schad will give an overview of different parts of the ML pipeline and how ArangoDB fits in. In particular, we will be talking about feature engineering, Graph ML, Embeddings, MLOps, and Metadata.

Spoiler: There will be a number of Jupyter notebooks allowing you to get hands-on experience!

About the Presenter:

Jörg Schad is Head of Machine Learning at ArangoDB. In a previous life, he has worked on or built machine learning pipelines in healthcare, distributed systems at Mesosphere, and in-memory databases. He received his Ph.D. for research around distributed databases and data analytics. He’s a frequent speaker at meetups, international conferences, and lecture halls.

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Joerg Schad

Jörg Schad

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