Graph & Beyond Lunch Break #17: Introduction to Foxx Microservices

Graph & Beyond Lunch Break #17: Introduction to Foxx Microservices

  August 25th, 2021 – 12 pm

The Foxx Microservices Framework is built-in to ArangoDB and can provide fast API access for your applications. Foxx allows application developers to write their data access and domain logic as microservices running directly within the database with native access to in-memory data. 

Sit down with Chris Woodward as he shows you the ingredients that make Foxx work so well and then see how to cook up your first Foxx microservice in this ArangoDB Lunch Session.

About the Presenter:

Chris has over ten years of experience at all technology angles, including service, support, and development. He continues his trend of being a versatile technologist at ArangoDB as a Developer Relations Engineer. Chris believes the future is a native multi-model and is determined to tell the world.

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Chris Woodward

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