Graph & Beyond Lunch Break #2.9: Introducing the ArangoDB - NetworkX Adapter - ArangoDB

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Graph & Beyond Lunch Break #2.9: Introducing the ArangoDB – NetworkX Adapter

Graph & Beyond The Second Course #2.9: Introducing the ArangoDB-NetworkX Adapter

This lunch session will walk you through using our NetworkX adapter and how to easily convert ArangoDB graphs to NetworkX graphs and back again! See how using this adapter gives you the best of both graph worlds with all of the speed and flexibility of ArangoDB and the ubiquity of NetworkX.

About the Presenter:

Anthony Mahanna is a student pursuing an Honours Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at the University of Ottawa (ON, Canada). He has internship experience in DevOps and microservice development and has worked on side projects that have impacted students at his school. Anthony has recently discovered ArangoDB and created Picsum Vision to explore its functionalities

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Anthony Mahanna

Anthony Mahanna