Graph & Beyond Lunch Break #2.5: Community vs. Enterprise - ArangoDB

Graph & Beyond Lunch Break #2.5: Community vs. Enterprise

Graph & Beyond The Second Course #2.5: Community vs. Enterprise

Curious about how to improve performance, business continuity, and security across your No-SQL database? Turning your project into a full-blown production application?

Join us during the upcoming Lunch and Learn on (DATA) to understand more about ArangoDB about ArangoDB’s unique capabilities with our Enterprise Edition capabilities.

During this lunch and learn session, our Enterprise Account Executive, Nick Tom, will discuss the key capabilities of ArangoDB’s Enterprise Edition compared to our Community Edition focusing on the key components of security, high availability, maintenance/support, and ArangoDB’s unique performance features like OneShard and SatelliteGraphs.

About the Presenter:

Nick is an Enterprise Account Executive on the West Coast team at ArangoDB. With 10+ years of sales experience in innovative technology including disaster recovery, security, and IoT, Nick posses a unique passion for graph technologies and its critical impact on the future of machine learning and AI.

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Nick Tom

Nick Tom

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