Graph & Beyond Lunch Break #2.1: Hybrid SmartGraphs - ArangoDB

Graph & Beyond Lunch Break #2.1: Hybrid SmartGraphs

Graph & Beyond The Second Course #2.1: Hybrid SmartGraphs

In this Lunch and Learn Session Chris will introduce you to Hybrid SmartGraphs! The first course will include a brief introduction to SmartGraphs. For the entree, we will take a look at the new Hybrid SmartGraph and how to create them. Finally, for the dessert, we will even see how to use AQL to post-process data for SmartGraphs!

Join our Developer Relations Engineer Chris Woodward on February 23rd, 2022 for the first Lunch and Learn of 2022!

About the Presenter:

Chris has over 10 years experience at all angles of technology including service, support, and development. He is also passionate about learning and right now he is focused on improving the learning experience for the ArangoDB community. Chris believes the future is native multi-model and wants to help tell the world.

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Christopher Woodward

Christopher Woodward

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