Operationalizing Enterprise Knowledge Graphs

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Use Case: Knowledge Graphs

Use Case Enterprise Knowledge Graphs

Operationalizing Enterprise Knowledge Graphs

Enterprise Knowledge Graphs (EKGs) have been on the rise and are incredibly valuable tools for harmonizing internal and external data relevant to an organization into a common semantic model. Enterprises benefit from improved operational efficiency and competitive advantages for their business units.

  • Yet, taking a “graph-only” approach to EKGs often leads to the difficult challenges:
  • Scalability issues of the underlying graph technology
  • Cost explosion in harmonizing diverse data into a graph
  • Difficulties utilizing an EKG output within business applications
  • Highly-specialized knowledge needed to understand or adapt semantic data models
Multi-model knowledge graph schema

The rich multi-model graph capabilities of ArangoDB help overcome these challenges. A familiar JSON format allows the underlying data model to be understood much easier. Business application developers can access an EKG’s output with the patterns they need for their projects – no matter if it is graph, document or search.

With ArangoDB’s distributed architecture and unique features to work with complex data models at large scale, we have helped industry leaders to realize the huge benefits of their EKG projects.