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Sachin Sharma

Sachin Sharma

Machine Learning Research Engineer in Engineering


Sachin is a Machine Learning Research Engineer at ArangoDB whose aim is to build Intelligent products using thorough research and engineering in Graph Machine Learning. He completed his Masters’s degree in Computer Science with a specialization in Intelligent Systems. He is an AI Enthusiast who has researched the areas of Computer Vision, NLP, and Graph Neural Networks at DFKI (German Research Centre for AI) during his academic career. Sachin also built Machine Learning pipelines at Define Media GmbH, where he worked as a Machine Learning Engineer and Scientist.

Talk proposals:

Thinking outside of the Euclidean Space: An Introduction study to Graph Machine Learning and its Applications with Hands-on-Experience

So far we have read a lot of articles regarding the Convolutional Neural Networks which is a well known method to handle euclidean data structures (like images, text, etc.). However in the real world, we are also surrounded by the non-euclidean data structure like graphs and a machine learning method to handle this type of data domain is known as the Graph Neural Networks.Therefore in this session we will first deep dive into the concepts of Graph ML (Part-1) and during the Hands-on-Session (Part-2) we will build a complete Graph ML application starting from training a GraphSage model till deploying your first Graph ML model on the Nvidia’s Triton Inferencer server. This will be followed by updating amazon product graph (stored in ArangoDB) with predicted node embeddings and then making product recommendation with ArangoDB’s AQL query.

Sachin Sharma ArangoDB

Recent talks:

  • NVIDIA Triton meets ArangoDB Workshop
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