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Startup Program

To Speed Up Your
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Startup Accelerator Program

Startups need the very same professional but costly resources to develop and market their products as the giants in their industries. The Startup Accelerator Program is professional developer support at a discounted price.

What Startups Get

  • Discounted professional developer support
  • Reduced time to market & faster product development
  • Quicker response time to critical issues
  • More time to spend on other company efforts

Awesome startup program! You can discuss anything with those guys and you’ll always get sophisticated answers. Thanks ArangoDB team for all your support!

Benedikt Knobloch, Founder

Why We Care

ArangoDB was a tiny startup as well just a few years ago. We had ideas, goals and drive. Now, we want to give a helping hand to young companies that need exceptional technology and clever advice. Think of our Startup Accelerator Program as when you were helping your younger neighbor with dreams to go to engineering school with their Math homework.

The Accelerator Program is a good chance to market your product faster at a discount and gain more time for other operations. Get in touch with us and tell us your startup story. We’d like to see if and how we can help.


  • Less than 2 years old
  • Up to 20 employees
  • Up to $2M USD in annual revenue or funding

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