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Software-based startups need high flexibility and simplicity. As you learn, you have to alter your product’s course quickly or extend its capabilities along user needs. We understand you will encounter changes to your data architecture, change your data model, or even add new models. Native multi-model with ArangoDB lets you do all this with ease.

The ArangoDB Startup Program provides a jumpstart to your company by reducing time-to-market, while allowing for faster product development all backed by ArangoDB multi-model technology. We provide you with data architecture consulting, professional developer support to speed up product development, and expertise from industry leaders. All of this is rounded up by discounts on ArangoDB products and services later on. See all benefits below to get the full picture.

Your Benefits

ArangoDB Architecture Consulting

Architecture Consulting
During the program, you and your team will get individual consulting on various topics. Challenge your ideas with us about data modelling, data architecture, scaling and cost-efficiency aspects. We walk you through the different options and align the solutions to your growth projections.

Workshop and Training
In these hands-on sessions you and your team will learn best practices with your favorite multi-model database. Our team will build skills that are most relevant to you. Choose the two most relevant topics and our trainers will show you how to leverage ArangoDB’s features in an optimal way.

ArangoDB Workshop and Training
ArangoDB Professional Developer Support

Professional Developer Support
Your team just got a go-to guy for all ArangoDB-related questions. During the whole Startup Program you can ask our team any question you like and get detailed answers fast. Speed up your development process with our deep knowledge about data storage and focus your attention on your customer needs.

50% Discount on ArangoDB Enterprise
Get full support for your production and staging environment with 24/7 SLA and 2h response time to production issues. All Startup Program participant get a 50% discount on all ArangoDB Licenses including Enterprise.

Discount on ArangoDB Enterprise
ArangoDB Marketing Support

Marketing support
Our marketing team will assist you with increasing your visibility within the ArangoDB community and beyond while promoting your product through various marketing activities and social media channels. Reach thousands of tech people with your case study highlighting your ArangoDB powered product.

Reach Top Talent
Reach top talent across the globe by posting openings through our channels and outlets. Our marketing team will help spread your job opportunities requiring ArangoDB skills across our social media platforms.

ArangoDB Reach Top Talent

ArangoDB Startup Program In a nutshell

  • Get focused consulting from experts for your use case
  • Learn faster with individual trainings
  • Enjoy the ease of having a Go-to-guy for all ArangoDB questions
  • Reduce your time-to-market and speed up your development
  • Enjoy 50% discounts on ArangoDB Enterprise Products
  • Leverage marketing & talent acquisition support and reach thousands of international tech minds

Startups and Fortune 500 Companies using ArangoDB

When Does My Startup Qualify?

The ArangoDB startup program is designed and dedicated to help early stage companies succeeding on the product side. Unfortunately, we can’t support everybody so we limited the available seats in this program to 3 at a time and to companies matching these criteria:

  1. Less than 2 years old
  2. Less than 20 employees
  3. Not more than $5m in funding
  4. Company is US or EU based (sorry, support for other timezones is limited to enterprise customers)


Awesome startup program! You can discuss anything with those guys and you’ll always get sophisticated answers. Thanks ArangoDB team for all your support!

Benedikt Knobloch, Founder

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