Summit Replay 2022 - ArangoDB

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Summit 2022

Did you miss Summit? Catch all the recordings here!

Session Speaker(s) Video
Day One
CEO Keynote: A New Era of Innovation Shekhar Iyer, ArangoDB CEO  
Graph Done Right: The ArangoDB Vision Jörg Schad, ArangoDB CTO  
ArangoDB 4.0 and Beyond Claudius Weinberger, ArangoDB CPO/CCO & Co-founder  
Creating a Digital Twin of Entire City Using a Massive Graph Thomas Hassan of Orange  
A Shared Source of Truth for the Global Supply Chain Ian Cadieu of Altana  
Beyond ML: Causal Inference and Double Machine Learning Apurvaa Subramanian of Instacart  
How Use AI to improve HI (Human Intelligence) Paul Wu of Grenentech  
Automating Security of Embedded Systems Across Supply Chains Gün Akkor of Finite State  
Modernizing Networks Using Graph Technologies David Gee of Juniper Networks  
What’s New in ArangoDB 3.10 Claudius Weinberger, Arango CPO/CCO & Co-founder  
Into the Cloud Jörg Schad, ArangoDB CTO  
Balancing Security and Relevance in a Recommendation Engine Phill Persad of Global Relay  
Outlier Detection and Graph Analytics in Healthcare Afrozy Ara of Incedo  
Day One Closing Remarks Shekhar Iyer, ArangoDB CEO  
Day Two
How Did the Pandemic Change AI? Damian Herrick of SAS  
Panel: It Takes an Ecosystem to Raise a Smart Solution Shekhar Iyer, ArangoDB CTO, Terry Dhirawal of Cleverbits, Bradley Rees of Nvidia, Rajan Sethurama of Latent View and Anirban Chakraborty of TCS  
What is RAPIDS cuGraph, and How to Use it Bradley Rees of Nvidia  
How Quantum Computing will Impact Machine Learning Mark Tabladillo of Microsoft  
HumAIn: Empowering Inclusion with Technology Noelle Silver of IBM  
Pitfalls to Avoid Duing Your First Knowledge Graph Project Ashleigh Faith of EBSCO  
Graph Databases and Security Jeff Venable of Trugard Labs  
Preserving Institutional Memory with Graph Databases Malhar Anaokar of  
Graph Thinking: A New State-Of-Art Part Discovery Platform Deenu Yadav of Plural Technology  
Accelerating Innovation with Graph-Powered Requirements Ray Gill and Jim Davidson of Jama Software  
From Graph Analytics to Graph Machine Learning Jörg Schad, ArangoDB CTO  
Next Level (Graph)ML Jörg Schad, ArangoDB CTO  
Use Machine Learning to Discover Fraudulent Seller Networks Michael Haapaoja of OpSec  
Implementing Graph Neural Networks with PyTorch Geometric Matthias Fey of PyG / Kumo  
Tracking Cloud Assets Using Graph Databases Lars Kamp of Resoto  
Scaling Social Graphs with ArangoDB Scott McCorkle, AJ Edelbrock, and Steve Heneghan of MetaCX  
Graph-powered Complex Document Search Vasilis Tsolis and Delio D'Anna of Cognitiv+  
Transforming Healthcare with Models, Ontologies and Graphs Kevin Bayes and Anna Spyker of Decoded Health  
Event Wrap-up, Awards, Prize Draws, and Thank You Shekhar Iyer, ArangoDB CEO