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Opening the ArangoDB Oasis API & Terraform Provider

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Estimated reading time: 7 minutes

ArangoDB Oasis, the cloud service of ArangoDB, has been available for a few months now and is growing quickly. The Oasis team got a lot of requests to provide more ways to manage deployments, access policies and other aspects of Oasis.

After adding support for Azure earlier this year, we’re now opening up the Oasis API for all supported cloud providers like Google Cloud and AWS. Read more

Public Preview of Microsoft Azure now available on ArangoDB Oasis

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Today we are excited to invite everybody to take the first public preview of Azure on ArangoDB Oasis for a test ride. In case you haven’t joined Oasis yet, please find more details about our offering and a 14-day free trial on Just choose Microsoft Azure as your cloud provider and choose from the many regions we already support.

You can share all feedback with us about regions you’d love to see added or other improvements on slack. Please use the #oasis channel on Community Slack or raise an issue via the “Request Help” button in the bottom right corner of Oasis.

Please note that this is a public preview and not meant to be run in production. Read more