June 2021: What’s the Latest with ArangoDB?

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Hello Community,

Welcome to the sixth ArangoDB newsletter of 2021! Hard to believe we are already half-way through 2021 🤯

In this edition, we are excited to share: 

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ArangoBnB: Data Preparation Case Study

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This case study covers a data exploration and analysis scenario about modeling data when migrating to ArangoDB. The topics covered in this case study include:

  • Importing data into ArangoDB
  • Developing Application Requirements before modeling
  • Data Analysis and Exploration with AQL

This case study can hopefully be used as a guide as it shows step-by-step instructions and discusses the motivations in exploring and transforming data in preparation for a real-world application.
The information contained in this case study is derived from the development of the ArangoBnB project; a community project developed in JavaScript that is always open to new contributors. The project is an Airbnb clone with a Vue frontend and a React frontend being developed in parallel by the community. It is not necessary to download the project or be familiar with JavaScript for this guide. To see how we are using the data in a real-world project, check out the repository.

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January 2021: What’s the Latest with ArangoDB?

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Happy New Year to our amazing community!

We hope your year is off to a good start. Even though things don’t seem too different (yet), we’re definitely feeling a fresh mindset and doing our best to stay hopeful and healthy. 

Here’s what we’re excited about so far:

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