Monitoring ArangoDB


Please consider monitoring your productive ArangoDB installation as part of the best practices strategy. It is effortlessly done using established services Prometheus for data collection and Grafana for visualisation and alerting.

ArangoDB Monitoring Dashboard

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Arangochair – a tool for listening to changes in ArangoDB

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The ArangoDB team gave me an opportunity to write a tutorial about arangochair. Arangochair is the first attempt to listen for changes in the database and execute actions like pushing a document to the client or execute an AQL query. Currently it is limited to single nodes.

This tutorial is loosely based on the example at baslr/arangochair-serversendevents-demo

arangochair is a Node.js module hosted on npm which make it fairly easy to install. Just run
npm install arangochair and its installed. Read more

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