ArangoDB Tutorials

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Learn how to work with ArangoDB, how to use different client drivers and get more in-depth information with this tutorials. If you are new to ArangoDB this page will help you to get an easy access to the basic commands in only 10 minutes.

Angular.js & Node.js App

Angular guesser tutorial

If you want to build an app using ArangoDB, Node.js/io.js and AngularJS this tutorial will guide you through the procedure step by step. Build your own self-learning guesser game with ArangoDB.

Node.js Tutorial

tutorial arangodb node

The ArangoDB JavaScript client supports JavaScript and Node.js. In this tutorial we show how to use this driver with Node.js, accessing and working with ArangoDB plus using AQL queries with the AQL query builder.

Java Tutorial

Java arangodb tutorial

To help you get started with ArangoDB and Java, we’ve created a short tutorial that explains the setup, connection and basic CRUD operations. You will learn how to use AQL queries with the ArangoDB Java client.

Python Tutorial

Python arangodb tutorial

Community-supported tutorial by Tariq Daouda. It explains how to create a collection and do CRUD operations on documents, using AQL queries or API.

PHP Tutorial

Build your first PHP app with ArangoDB in less than 10 minutes. This quick and easy tutorial shows how to access and use ArangoDB with the PHP client.

Additional information

Intro to Foxx Webinar

A step-by-step guide on how to get started with Foxx.

SQL / AQL – Comparison

SQL AQL Comparison

How to translate your SQL query into AQL.

arangosh cheat sheet

AQL Cheat Sheet

How to create databases, collections and… at a glance.

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