AQL Improvements in 2.5

Contained in 2.5 are some small but useful AQL language improvements plus several AQL optimizer improvements.

We are working on further AQL improvements for 2.5, but work is still ongoing. This post summarizes the improvements that are already completed and will be shipped with the initial ArangoDB 2.5 release.

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Weekly Newsletter, February 26, 2015

ArangoDB Releases

We released the ArangoDB 2.5 beta. You can find a full list of changes in our change-log. Here are some of the changes:

  • Improved development-mode for Foxx
  • Enhanced debug capabilities for Foxx
  • Upgraded V8 and etcd to support even more ES6 features

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More ES6 Features

ArangoDB 2.5 comes with an upgraded version of V8, Google’s open source JavaScript engine.

The built-in version of V8 has been upgraded from 3.29.54 to

In addition to several already usable ES6 features (detailed in this blog, the following ES6 features are activated in ArangoDB 2.5 by default:

  • iterators and generators
  • template strings
  • enhanced object literals
  • enhanced numeric literals
  • block scoping with let and constant variables using const
  • additional String methods (such as startsWith, repeat etc.)

The above features are available in ArangoDB 2.5, and can now be used for scripting purposes in the ArangoShell and in server-side Foxx actions inside the database.

This blog post briefly explains the features provides some quick examples for using them.

Read more on Jan’s Blog

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ArangoDB 2.4.4

A maintenance release for ArangoDB 2.4 is available for download or via your favorite package manager.

v2.4.4 (2015-02-24)

  • fixed the generation template for foxx apps. It now does not create deprecated functions anymore

  • add custom visitor functionality for GRAPH_NEIGHBORS function, too

  • increased default value of traversal option maxIterations to 100 times of its previous default value

  • fixed issue #1256: agency binary not found #1256

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When and how to use sparse indexes in ArangoDB 2.5

In ArangoDB 2.5, hash and skiplist indexes can optionally be made sparse.

Such sparse indexes will exclude documents in which at least one of the index attributes is either not set or has a value of null. Declaring an index as sparse can provide great savings in memory and index creation CPU time for some cases.

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ArangoDB 2.5 beta

The current sprint comes to an end and ArangoDB 2.5 is available as beta. We appreciate your feedback and hope that many developers try this new beta release.

We have used the last weeks to improve the Foxx framework for data-centric microservices – enhancing debug capabilities, improving development-mode and the install process – to make the development of Foxx applications easier than ever.

We upgraded two main ArangoDB components, V8 and etcd to the latest versions (V8 and etcd 2.0) to support even more ES6 features and to benefit from a robust rewrite of etcd for cluster configuration.

We’ve also improved core database capabilities by adding sparse hash and skiplist indexes, dynamic attribute names and more optimizer rules. Read the full list of changes in the CHANGELOG.

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ArangoDB @NoSQLmatters Paris, March 26th / 27th

If you are interested in NoSQL and come from France, the NoSQL matters conference in Paris is your place to go. ArangoDB contributes with a workshop and a talk and is a silver sponsor of the conference as well. You can meet our team at the exhibition space and ask your ArangoDB questions in person.

Tickets are available for both days, starting at €299 for the conference pass.

For one lucky member of our community the conference could be for free – we have one ticket left for the conference day, March, 27th.

Here is the link to participate: Win a ticket for NoSQL matters Paris 2015 More »

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Weekly Newsletter, February 19, 2015

ArangoDB related (Drivers & more)

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ArangoDB in San Francisco / Bay Area

Join parts of the ArangoDB team in San Francisco. Max and Claudius are visiting the Bay Area from mid-February till end of March. Starting with the StrataConf in San Jose, Feb 17–20, 2015 Max and Claudius want to meet people, start cooperations, visit meetups and tell people in the Bay Area about ArangoDB.

If you know any hackerspaces we definitely should go, drop us a line and we will try to be there. We would be happy to see some of you guys in person and to respond to every question you may have about ArangoDB.

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Comparison: Lockless programming with atomics in C++ 11 vs. mutex and RW-locks

ArangoDB is multithreaded and able to use several CPU-cores at once. Because of that access to common data structures to these threads have to be protected from concurrent access. ArangoDB currently uses mutexes, spinlocks and RW-locks for that. With the ongoing development of the MVCC the number of situations where protected access is needed grows significantly. If locking is done too often the scalability is effectively limited to one core. So this test was done to estimate the costs, and evaluate other solutions – so called lockless programming with atomics.

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