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About us

The company ArangoDB, a German privately held limited liability company, was founded in 2014 to meet the increasing demand for professional services around ArangoDB.

ArangoDB GmbH is a spin-off of triAGENS GmbH, an IT consulting firm founded in 2004. The company is based in Cologne and specializes in solutions for challenges which demand rapid access to large amounts of data. ArangoDB GmbH offers subscriptions, support of development, training and consulting.


Claudius Weinberger

Claudius Weinberger, CEO

Claudius studied economics with business informatics as key aspect at the University of Cologne. He was head of product development at IS. Teledata AG and gained extended expert knowledge in the fields of process analysis and modeling.

In line with info-broker, he conducted the development and implementation of a customer information system spanning the subsidiaries in Germany. His consultancy focus lies on product management. As product owner of ArangoDB he leads the overall system’s development and strategic planning.

Previous projects or achievements relevant for the project are: project management for a central session service based on NoSQL technologies (DHL AG), project management for infobroker and implementation in all branches (Commerzbank AG), implementation of a project information system (Mustad International Group), project management for a price information system (NYSE Euronext).

Frank Celler

Frank Celler, CTO

Frank both entrepreneur and back-end developer, engineering mostly-memory databases for two decades. He is the lead developer of ArangoDB.

Besides, Frank organizes Cologne’s NoSQL user group, the well-received distributed matters (previously NoSQL matters) conferences in Cologne, Barcelona, Dublin, Paris and Berlin, and is a welcome speaker at international developer conferences.

Frank studied in Aachen and London and obtained a PhD in mathematics. Prior to founding triAGENS GmbH, the company behind ArangoDB, he worked for several German tech companies as a consultant, team lead and C/C++ developer.

Frank’s major achievements and projects relevant to ArangoDB are: development of a quota database that was faster than Reuters’, concept and implementation of JIT compilers for Intel and Sparc architectures, concept and implementation of a high-performance in-memory session database for Deutsche Post AG, development of an IDE for Dylan.


Jan SteemannJan Steemann
Jan is an expert in data modeling with NoSQL & relational databases and writing high performance web applications. For ArangoDB, he wrote most of AQL (ArangoDB’s query language). He is also responsible for sharding and nerdy C/C++ tasks in the clutches of ArangoDB.

Michael HacksteinMichael Hackstein
Michael is a JavaScript and NoSQL enthusiast. In his spare time he is organising colognejs, the JavaScript user group in Cologne Germany scheduled every second month. In his professional life Michael holds a master degree in Computer Science. As Front End Specialist he is member of the ArangoDB core team, developing the web frontend and graph visualisation for this project. He is conference and user group addicted.

Max NeunhoefferMax Neunhöffer
Max is one of the C/C++ developers working on the ArangoDB core. In particular, he is responsible for the sharding extension and additionally converts the latest ideas from database science into C/C++ code. Furthermore, he enjoys to give public talks about the technical aspects of the ArangoDB development.

Wilfried GoesgensWilfried Goesgens
Wilfried is another one of the C/C++ developers working for the ArangoDB Core Team. He also works on measuring and optimization of the performance.

Alan PlumAlan Plum
Alan is an experienced web developer who feels equally at home in the backend and frontend. At ArangoDB he works on everything regarding JavaScript, with a special focus on Foxx.

Jan StueckeJan Stücke
Jan is a product guy and startup enthusiast. Working in startups for over 8 years now he knows the ups and downs of these adventures. For him ArangoDB is the best db solution especially for young companies.

Jana VolkovaJana Volkova
Jana is a part of ArangoDB’s marketing team. She is the one chatting to you on twitter and sending out latest ArangoDB news. Jana is passionate about building a great community around our open-source product.

Heiko KernbachHeiko Kernbach
Heiko is a Computer Science student passionate about new technologies and programming, especially in JavaScript. At ArangoDB he works mostly on the database frontend.

Kaveh VahedipourKaveh Vahedipour
Kaveh works on ArangoDB’s core. He is responsible for developing the consensus protocol in ArangoDB clusters.

Andreas StreichardtAndreas Streichardt
Andreas is developing web applications since more than 15 years in enterprises and startups alike. He took integral part in deployment processes and is now responsible to create a smooth ArangoDB cluster experience.

Simran BrucherseiferSimran Brucherseifer
Simran is a data modeling and migration enthusiast with a cultural sciences background. He is responsible for ArangoDB’s documentation, helps out in design questions and supports the community, especially with AQL and JavaScript.

Mark VollmaryMark Vollmary
Mark is Java developer for over 10 years. Along all tech related topics, Mark is especially passionate about developing web applications. He also likes writing code in JavaScript and Scala. At ArangoDB he mostly works on the Java driver and Spring Data integration.

Richard ParkerRichard Parker
Richard does high performance programming of modern x86 computers using multiple cores, levels of cache etc.

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