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Community Server

Multi-model is the future.
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Native Multi-model

A native multi-model database from the ground up, supporting key/value, document and graph models. You can model your data in a very flexible way.

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Cloud Service

The managed service for ArangoDB, provides fully hosted, managed, & monitored cluster deployments of any size, with enterprise-grade security.

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When building a production-grade machine learning infrastructure, ArangoML Pipeline provides support for common metadata storage.

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Enterprise Edition

SmartJoins, SatelliteCollections, SmartGraphs, Enterprise Security, Enhanced Data Masking & Datacenter to Datacenter Replication.

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Natively integrated cross-platform indexing, text-search and ranking engine for information retrieval, optimized for speed and memory.

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Case Studies

Customer success stories from around the world: challenges, solutions and the benefits gained from using multi-model database – ArangoDB.

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Cloud Service for ArangoDB

ArangoDB Oasis is the simplest way to run ArangoDB. Oasis runs ArangoDB Enterprise including all unique features for optimal performance at any scale

ArangoDB Query Language

AQL provides a powerful way to access and combine all data access strategies in ArangoDB.

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Foxx Microservices

Unify your data storage logic, reduce network overhead and secure sensitive data with Foxx.

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Full GeoJSON Support

Enrich your graph, document or search queries with geo-locational aspects.

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ArangoDB Enterprise adds many features for security and optimal performance at any scale

ArangoDB vs. MongoDB

ArangoDB vs. MongoDB


ArangoDB vs. Cassandra

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