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BI Connectors for Tableau, Qlik, PowerBI and others

Connect Tableau, Qlik, PowerBI and others to ArangoDB

Looking for a way to connect your BI solution with ArangoDB? You can use one of our BI Connectors – Qlik, Tableau, Power BI or Grafana to fetch the data from ArangoDB.

Connect with Tableau

Install the connector directly in ArangoDB, extract data from AQL queries into Tableau and more.

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Connect with Power BI

Connect Power BI to ArangoDB in a simple way to allow pagination of documents.

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Connect with Qlik

Qlik Connector enables pagination of documents and delivers the data to any other application.

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Connect with Grafana

Connect Grafana to ArangoDB for analytics and monitoring.

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Create your own custom BI Connector to ArangoDB by using our Foxx service

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