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ArangoGraph Insights Platform: Managed Service for ArangoDB

ArangoGraph Insights Platform provides fully hosted, managed, and monitored cluster deployments of any size, with enterprise-grade security. Focus on your application; our specialists take care of the rest.


Missing a driver in your favourite language? Give us a hand – bring your own cool ideas to life or contribute to some of the existing community-supported drivers for ArangoDB.

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We have many exciting plugins and useful connectors for ArangoDB developed and supported by the community. New suggestions, ideas and thoughts are always welcome.

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Foxx Services

Did you create a nice service that makes it easier to prototype or to learn Foxx? Share it with the community! Just clone the Foxx repository and put your service in. All ArangoDB users can then install it e.g. via ArangoDBs WebUI.

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VelocyPack (VPack)

A fast, compact and platform-independent format for serialization and storage. VPack covers all of JSON plus dates, integers, binary data and arbitrary precision numbers. Directly access sub-attributes without decoding the document with VPack.

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ArangoDB Tutorials

Have an interesting idea to share with the community? Contribute a tutorial to the ArangoDB documentation and share your experience with the rest of the crowd.

ArangoDB Tutorials

Learn ArangoDB by solving issues

We dedicate a lot of attention to our open-source community, especially when it comes to resolving issues and general user support. Your expertise would be greatly appreciated.

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If you would like to contribute to our project, we would love you to do so! But first please remember to complete the Contributor License Agreement. Just fill in the form, sign and send a scanned copy over to cla[at]arangodb[.]com or via fax +49-221-2722999-88

Note: As we are an company registered in Germany, we are obliged by law to have a signed scanned copy of CLA to be able to accept pull requests to the official ArangoDB repository.

Free ArangoDB Community Workshops

Community workshops are open for everyone and are interactive with “hands-on” exercises. One of our core team members will come around to show you and all interested participants how to work with a multi-model database, how to setups a highly available cluster or how to extend ArangoDB to your needs via our JS framework Foxx!

Want to request a workshop? Get in touch.

Community workshops are for public communities only. (For internal team trainings please refer to our subscriptions page)

Talks and Videos

and ArangoDB

Mike Williamson – Online Meetup

Fishing Graphs in a Hadoop Data Lake

Max Neunhöffer – DataWorks Summit

Multi-model approach using ArangoDB

Michael Hackstein – Webinar