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Powerful Search Included

ArangoSearch is a powerful search and similarity ranking engine natively integrated into ArangoDB. Combine search with any other data model.

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Feature-Rich, Accurate & Ranked Search

Perform highly efficient search with C++ based ArangoSearch. Use many query types spanning phrase, wildcard, proximity, range and much more. Rank your results by similarity using BM25 or TFIDF algorithms.

Provide Search for Everyone

ArangoSearch supports already 30 languages including English, most european languages and also Chinese. Use dedicated language analyzers, stemming and stopword removal for fast and efficient search in all supported languages.

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fuzzy search in arangosearch

Find Relevant Results to Fuzzy Searches

Provide highly relevant results for your users despite typos and other non-exact matching. Fuzzy search in ArangoSearch lets you use ngram and Levenshtein algorithms to find the best approximate results. Great for supporting search in mobile, scientific, bioinformatics and many other use cases.

Search Across Multiple Sources

Perform complex searches including multiple attributes and data collections in ArangoDB. Unite your data sources in an ArangoSearch view for fast results to even complex queries.

search across multiple sources
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Perform Multi-Model Graph Searches

Extend your ArangoSearch queries with graph, geo or relational-type aspects for even more fine-grained access to your data. The flexibility of native multi-model combined with search is a powerful companion for many projects and simplifies your deployment stack

Index Everything

ArangoSearch supports schema-agnostic indexing for allowing maximum flexibility within your search queries. Combine even complex search across attributes & collections with all supported data models in ArangoDB.

Index Everything