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Compare ArangoDB Editions

ArangoDB is available as free, open source software (ArangoDB Community Edition); as commercial, self-managed, on-premises software (ArangoDB Enterprise Edition); as a managed cloud service (ArangoGraph Insights Platform); and as an embedded database for ISV and OEM customers.

Self-Managed Managed Service
ArangoDB Community Edition ArangoDB Enterprise Edition ArangoGraph Professional ArangoGraph Enterprise
Core functionality
Native graph database
Document database
Full-text search
ArangoDB Query Language (AQL)
Foxx Microservices
Full GeoJSON Support
BI Connectors
Performance & Scalability
ACID Multi-Document Transactions
Disjoint SmartGraphs
SmartGraphs using SatelliteCollections
Encryption in flight
Encryption in flight with certificates
Encryption at rest
Encrypted backup
Key/Secret rotation
SNI (Server Name Indication)
Enhanced data masking
Role-based access control
IP allowlists
Audit Log
Managed Audit Log
Managed Private VPC endpoints
Datacenter-to-Datacenter Replication Coming Soon ✓
Hot Backups
Managed Zero Downtime Upgrades
Managed Backups
Managed One-Click Disaster Recovery
Managed Monitoring & Alerting
Managed log management
Multi-availability zone clusters
Power BI
Interface to build BI Connectors
License Apache V2 Commercial Commercial Commercial
Free online education
Support SLA None 24×7 Business Hours 24×7

Training and Consulting

When starting a new project, designers and architects need to dive into new technology areas. ArangoDB offers trainings to kick-start your project with our database. We also offer consulting to help you plan your architecture and set up your back-end servers efficiently.

Our consultants have more than 20 years of experience in designing large, time critical applications, planning database centers and server infrastructure, designing data models. Therefore, we can offer you a wide range of consulting services, from strategic planning to details about your network infrastructure. As the variety of challenges require different skill sets, please contact us to get a quote.

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