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Commercial Subscriptions

Service Level Agreement

ArangoDB is free & open-source. But there is also a company behind it that offers support services also for ISV & OEM customers. With the additional Enterprise Edition users have more options in terms of security and scalability. Read more about the Enterprise Edition features.

When your project goes live (like many others did), ArangoDB offers subscriptions for dedicated support and contact to experts of the core team. Easy access to hot fixes and emergency patches ensure that your mission-critical applications stay up and running.

Community Enterprise
Community Edition Features
Encryption at Rest
Enhanced User Management with LDAP
Encryption Control
Enhanced Data Masking
Free, online education
Private, on-demand training
SLA none 24×7
Type Apache V2 Commercial
Annual free contact us

* One subscription is valid for a single machine with up to 256 GB of RAM. In a non-cloud environment, this means a single physical machine. In a cloud environment, this means a single virtual machine.

Development Support

When development of your new projects starts, developers need to familiarize themselves with the underlying backend technology. ArangoDB offers a subscription to help you and your team during the project development phase. This subscription ensures that your developers will have access to all the ArangoDB resources and experts they need to make their project successful.

Number of projects 1 project
Team size up to 3 developers
Access to ArangoDB certified developers
Duration 3 months or more
Price contact us

Training and Consulting

When starting a new project, designers and architects need to dive into new technology areas. ArangoDB offers trainings to kick-start your project with our database. We also offer consulting to help you plan your architecture and set up your back-end servers efficiently.

Our consultants have more than 20 years of experience in designing large, time critical applications, planning database centers and server infra-structure, designing data models. Therefore, we can offer you a wide range of consulting services, from strategic planning to details about your network infrastructure. As the variety of challenges require different skill sets, please contact us to get a quote.

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