ArangoDB Enterprise Edition

Download & Install the Enterprise Edition

The ArangoDB Enterprise Edition will be available for download after filling out this form.

ArangoDB Enterprise Edition includes SmartGraphs, SatelliteCollections and many enterprise-level security features. It also comes with the ArangoDB Enterprise subscription, including comprehensive support SLA.

ArangoDB Enterprise Edition is free of charge for evaluation. By downloading, you agree to the Evaluation License Agreement terms and conditions.

Datacenter Replication

Our solution is asynchronous and scales to arbitrary cluster sizes. It is fault-tolerant without a single point of failure.

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High performance distributed graphs. Graphs of infinite size with query-time close to a single machine.

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Satellite Collections

Faster join operations and reduced network hops during join processing among machines.

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Encryption at Rest, enhanced encryption control, authentication with LDAP and auditing.

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