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How to Set Up Bash Completion for ArangoDB

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I was interested in how bash auto-completion works and how to write a custom completer. After about an hour of work, I came up with a solution that at least seems to work on Ubuntu. I now have auto-completion for ArangoDB and all its client tools!

The problem

I use the command-line for almost everything, including starting and stopping ArangoDB and its client tools. They provide lots of options which I cannot completely memorize.

The bash solution for “I don’t know what I am looking for” is to press the TAB key. This will bring up a list of suggestions for how to complete the currently entered word. I thought using the same thing for ArangoDB’s command-line options would be nice, too.

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How to Compile ArangoDB From Source

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Though we provide a lot of pre-built packages for the stable versions of ArangoDB here, it is often more interesting to play with the bleeding edge development version. New ArangoDB features are normally added to the devel branch, where they can be tested, documented and improved. When a feature matures, it is either backported to a stable branch or will eventually be released when the next stable branch is forked from devel.

Contributing to the core of ArangoDB is also much easier with a ready-to-go devel version. This post explains how to set one up from scratch.

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