Talk: Using mruby with ArangoDB (@Cologne Ruby User Group)

Frank has given a short lightning talk on using mruby in ArangoDB (at this time still called AvocadoDB) at the Cologne Ruby user group.

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Towards an interactive mruby shell

In my last post I investigated the possibility of using mruby as embedded language for AvocadoDB. As the first results look quite promising I decided to write a small interactive mruby shell. There is no better way to explore a new toy than to play with it.

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Using Minimalistic Ruby as alternative to server-side JavaScript

Note: We changed the name of the database in May 2012. AvocadoDB is now called ArangoDB.


One of the design goals of AvocadoDB is:

Use AvocadoDB as anĀ application serverĀ and fuse your application and database together for maximal throughput (more…)

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