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Dev Days 2021

ArangoDB Dev Days 2021 has come to a close! Thanks to everyone who joined our talks, fireside chats, workshops, and much more.

For those of you who couldn’t make it, or if you attended and loved it so much you want to do it all over again, you can find all the recordings from each day below.

Day 1 Sessions

Click Here For Day 1 Recordings

Opening Talk

Welcome to ArangoDB Dev Days! Join our CEO and CTO in sharing stories from the history of ArangoDB and also a glimpse into the future.

Fireside Chat:

Graphs, the New Frontier 

Take a look behind the scenes and learn about how ArangoDB enables to combine Graph, Document, Key-value, and even Full-Text search into a single database system at scale.


Entity Resolution with Victor Moey

Learn all about Entity Resolution, a technique to address the problem where a real-world entity is represented as multiple digital entities.

Fraud Detection with Jackson Reimers

The fraud detection demo, demonstrates the multi-model graph capabilities within ArangoDB to identify the patterns and catch some bad guys!

Workshop (Separate Recording)

Level up your AQL Skills  – Introduction to AQL, Performance Optimization with Jan Steeman

Click Here For Day 1 Recordings

Day 2 Sessions

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Fireside Chat:

Harnessing the Potential of Graph Powered Machine Learning with Jörg Schad

Many powerful Machine Learning algorithms are based on graphs, e.g., Page Rank (Pregel), Recommendation Engines (collaborative filtering), text summarization, and other NLP tasks. Also, the recent developments with Graph Neural Networks connect the worlds of Graphs and Machine Learning even further.


ArangoBnB with Chris Woodward

Chris Woodward provides a sneak peek at the ArangoBnB project being created with the community. This project is a Fullstack JavaScript web app that is being developed to showcase the upcoming ArangoSearch GeoJSON features.

Aggregating Time-Series Data with AQL with Chris Woodward

Learn about how to best use ArangoDB together with Time-Series data and aggregations using the WINDOW keyword.

Workshops (Separate Recording)

Hands-on with Graphs at Scale: Introduction to Graphs with Michael Hackstein

Click Here For Day 2 Recordings

Day 3 Sessions

Click Here For Day 3 Recordings

Featured Community Talk

Lessons learned: Creating a complete ERP-System with ArangoDB ft. Richard Burkhardt

In 2017 we started to develop an ERP-System for a large-scale caterer from scratch. Our goal was to make it possible to let around 50k customers and around 300 employees interact with this system in a reactive way and without caching or any other performance tricks. We are happy that we found ArangoDB, but had to start without any experience. This talk will be about the mistakes, the experience, and the success story.

Fireside Chat:

Going Above and Beyond with ArangoSearch with Chris Woodward

In this talk, we deep dive into ArangoDB’s built-in search engine ArangoSearch. We look at the underlying informational retrieval concepts that make ArangoSearch so powerful. We will see how to configure analyzers, set up Views, and how to perform federated full-text search queries across multiple collections.


Kubernetes Meets Graphs with Jörg Schad

Learn how Kube-Arango makes deploying and managing ArangoDB on Kubernetes a breeze.

AQL for eCommerce Analytics with Jackson Reimers

Showcasing various AQL queries to analyze an eCommerce dataset for common questions in retail.

Workshop (Separate Recording)

ArangoSearch: Full Text Meets Graphs with Andrey Abramov

Featured Community Talk Leveraging the NoSQL multimodel ArangoDB as the sole DB for a calm text-based social publication platform + monitoring and alerting using Prometheus and Kibana. is a text-based social publication platform that aims at efficiently servicing millions of users. Here we introduce how we are using ArangoDB as the unique database for the project and will also show how we built a system of monitoring and alerting using Prometheus and Kibana.

Click Here For Day 3 Recordings

Day 4 Sessions

Click Here For Day 4 Recordings

Fireside Chat:

ArangoDB’s role in Data Analytics and Semantic Spacetime

In this talk, professor Mark Burgess explains why rich property graphs (rather than, say, neural networks) are under-appreciated as tools for machine learning, and why ArangoDB itself is uniquely suited to scaling these two key aspects of process (semantics, dynamics) in a unified picture.


Fuzzy Search with Chris Woodward

In this talk, we deep dive ArangoSearch’s Fuzzy Search capabilities by investigating the various Levenshtein functions available with AQL.

Knowledge Graphs with Chris Woodward

An overview of Knowledge Graphs as well as the existing tools for dealing with semantic data, and some of the challenges with working with this type of structured data in property graphs.

Workshops (Separate Recordings)

Smooth Operators: Operations 101 – From Metrics, Upgrades, Scaling with Kaveh Vahedipour

At Future’s Vanguard with ArangoML with Arthur Keen

Click Here For Day 4 Recordings

Day 5 Sessions

Click Here For Day 5 Recordings

Workshops (Separate Recordings)

Kubernetes: Manage your Cluster like a Boss with KubeArango with Jörg Schad

The Beauty of Oasis with Ewout Prangsma

Fireside Chat:

ArangoDB’s Blueprint for the Future with Jörg Schad

Join our CTO in discussing the next features as well as the future of ArangoDB and Graph Databases.

Ask me Anything (AMA):

A unique opportunity to ask the ArangoDB developers anything you’d like!

Click Here For Day 5 Recordings

Workshop Recordings

level up your aql with jan steeman

October 18th, 2021: 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM PDT

Take your AQL skills (and query performance!) to the next level with this hands-on crash course!

October 19th, 2021: 10 AM – 11:30 AM PDT

Learn how to scale your graph across hundreds of machines and the ArangoDB features allowing you to keep performance in mind while doing so.
ArangoDB ArangoSearch Dev Days

October 20th 2021: 10 AM – 11:30 PDT

Learn how to combine Full-text search and Graph with ArangoSearch. This hands-on talk will give you an overview of the latest features and best practices.

October 22nd, 2021: 9:30 AM – 11 AM PDT

Join the head of Oasis, Ewout, for this overview of ArangoDB Oasis our cloud-managed database platform. You will get insights into the operations of Oasis, how to get started, and all the awesome benefits and features that come along with using Oasis for your ArangoDB deployments!

October 21st, 2021: 10 AM – 11:30 AM PDT

Get hands-on with the Ops side of ArangoDB and explore how to monitor, upgrade, and scale your deployments.

October 21st, 2021: 11:30 AM – 1 PM PDT

This talk will introduce you to the ArangoML suite of tools such as ArangoML Pipeline (for metadata capture), industry adapters (NetworkX, DGL, etc), Integrations(Nvidia Triton), and more.

October 22nd, 2021: 8 AM – 9:30 AM PDT

In this workshop, you will learn more about our Kubernetes Operator and how to set up your own ArangoDB deployment, some of the challenges involved with using Kubernetes, and some important tips for running ArangoDB in a cluster.