Distributed Document Store Features of ArangoDB

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A Scalable Document Database

ArangoDB provides you with excellent performance and simplicity – no matter where your growth takes you.

distributed query engine arangodb

Parallel Query Execution

ArangoDB moves queries where your data resides. Each DBserver in an ArangoDB cluster has its own query engine and executes the query locally and in parallel.


Run classic document store queries against large datasets with ease. The query engine of ArangoDB knows what to do automatically. Use various distributed indexes to fine-tune performance for your use case.

And the Best Thing...

You don’t have to change any queries. Learn on your laptop. Execute at web scale.

JOINs at Scale

The unique SmartJoin feature in ArangoDB supports sharding of multiple collections in a smart way so queries using JOIN operations are executed locally. Again, no query changes needed!

Small Orbiters for Optimal Performance

Define collections to be sharded or replicated to each machine with SatelliteCollections. The ArangoDB query optimizer knows where your data is located and pushes execution down to the server. Local processing of distributed queries for large cross-collection analytics today – not overnight.