Distributed Graph Database Features of ArangoDB

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Graph Database Performance At Any Scale

ArangoDB is the only property graph database capable of combining true horizontal scalability with high performance. Unique features in ArangoDB Enterprise and our cloud service let you tailor your distribution strategy exactly to your use case for optimal performance and flexibility.

Sharded graph with ArangoDB SmartGraph

Scale-out with Graphs

Easily distribute billions of highly connected data points across large clusters. ArangoDB’s SmartGraph feature ensures excellent query performance. No query changes. No limits. Just shard and execute.

Flexible Sharding Strategies

Define clear branches in a graph and let the ArangoDB Disjoint SmartGraph feature do the rest. Perfect solution for large hierarchical graphs or holistic analytics of multiple customer deployments. No query changes. Local execution. Fast results.

ArangoDB SatelliteGraphs Schema

Run Multi-Model Graphs at Scale

Configure your graph as a SatelliteGraph for close teamwork with other data models. Shard large document collections to a cluster and let your graph orbit each shard for local query execution. Designed for Permission Management, IoT Analytics and so much more.

Handle Celebrities Efficiently

Create vertex-centric indices for the selectivity needed to handle highly connected supernodes. Multi-attribute support within the index provides the selectivity for optimal performance.

Pregel graph analytics schema

Perform Large-Scale Graph Analytics

Utilize the broad range of graph algorithms for analyzing communities, identify connected components, calculate vertex centrality and much more. The built-in Pregel Suite in ArangoDB is a handy toolset for graph-based machine learning and graph analytics at large scale.