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The following packages are for Red Hat-based Linux distributions.

The processor(s) must support the SSE 4.2 instruction set (Intel Westmere or better, AMD Bulldozer or better, etc.)

We provide a single package containing the server and the client tools. For a standard server setup, download the Server package and install it using the package manager. You do not need the separate client tools.

The Client Tools package only contains the tools, like arangosh and arangodump, but not the server. Use this in case you are already running ArangoDB on a different machine and want to connect to that server from a client machine.

As an alternative there is a Tar package containing the server and client tools, which can be unpacked in any location and which does not require root rights for installation.

RPM packages

  • Server 3.7.12
    (78 MByte, SHA256 328d54520aa6bfb97687d0a8c2e02fad49a89fb7613c82802041d9e6a624b6d4)
  • Client Tools 3.7.12
    (36 MByte, SHA256 98bc1848685b454517e162e1512b1ab3d815a8ba06daa2c1044ac91730dc3744)
  • Debug Symbols 3.7.12
    (278 MByte, SHA256 20ceebc40bcbc4b72baa75e27e3e1728b8afa1f03f841a2e02d2d3500cd87b76)

Tar package

  • Server 3.7.12
    (89 MByte, SHA256 88c1eec1e62ba50ebba279a4352adddbed28847db8a74d0a4c87799fe1429273)
  • Client 3.7.12
    (51 MByte, SHA256 ea32905feb22a5b4d7f3a63bc03adde9b05d597f66e6c41404c970da92d66e0f)

Installation via Package Manager

Run the following as root in a terminal:

cd /etc/yum.repos.d/
curl -OL https://download.arangodb.com/arangodb37/RPM/arangodb.repo
yum -y install arangodb3-3.7.12-1.0

To install the debug symbols package (not required by default), run:

yum -y install arangodb3-debuginfo-3.7.12-1.0

Installation Manual

You will find a guide on how to install ArangoDB on Linux in our documentation.

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