Download ArangoDB for SUSE Linux Enterprise

suse package

The following packages are for openSUSE and SUSE Enterprise Linux (SLE).

The processor(s) must support the SSE 4.2 instruction set (Intel Westmere or better, AMD Bulldozer or better, etc.)

We provide a single package containing the server and the client tools. For a standard server setup, download the Server package and install it using the package manager. You do not need the separate client tools.

The Client Tools package only contains the tools, like arangosh and arangodump, but not the server. Use this in case you are already running ArangoDB on a different machine and want to connect to that server from a client machine.

As an alternative there is a Tar package containing the server and client tools, which can be unpacked in any location and which does not require root rights for installation.

RPM packages

  • Server 3.7.2-1
    (77 MByte, SHA256 2b3ebc2bbeddbe20350cfe0f0374d8bdc52efa8f2149afc92b03e5eccc73ed04)
  • Client Tools 3.7.2-1
    (36 MByte, SHA256 f55b511d6dbb7447e7dbe33256e5ebd4849c70f15e6a06f0bc277524297760fd)
  • Debug Symbols 3.7.2-1
    (271 MByte, SHA256 a4ecd51fd01a0cc631199d4ce56ec293bb59f2ba3e000ed2f3d0faa59eda698d)

Tar package

  • Server 3.7.2-1
    (87 MByte, SHA256 379c2f82743f49913ab409947f2635c7ebd760c54634261721532b342f8a1fec)
  • Client 3.7.2-1
    (51 MByte, SHA256 673556b2f7a225b7b09c614274ec9db05223122408a653950100aaaf757ff0f2)

Installation via Package Manager

Run the following as root:

zypper --no-gpg-checks --gpg-auto-import-keys addrepo

zypper --no-gpg-checks --gpg-auto-import-keys refresh
zypper -n install arangodb3=3.7.2-1

Installation Manual

You will find a guide on how to install ArangoDB on Linux in our documentation.

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