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Leverage documents with joins, flexible graphs and fast key/value capabilities within one core and with one query language – download ArangoDB.
Extendable via ArangoDB Foxx framework.

For Enterprise Projects

Explore new grounds in security, scale and speed with ArangoDB Enterprise. Highly available storage, zero-maintenance and worldwide unique scalability with all three data models. Premium support included.

*forever free for evaluation

For Growing Ideas

Perfect for learning and growing ideas. Full fledged multi-model database with resilient cluster management and Apache 2 license. Join our international ArangoDB-supported open source community.

For details on new features and upgrades introduced in the major releases of ArangoDB, please see Release Notes in the documentation. For info regarding bug fixes and minor changes in the maintenance releases, please refer to our changelog.

ArangoDB Manual

Read through the general manual to get help and master ArangoDB faster.

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Set-up a Cluster

Run an ArangoDB cluster on DC/OS or set it up manually. Here is how to:

ArangoDB Cookbook

Find recipes and scenarios to help you get started with the ArangoDB database.

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