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ArangoDB Enterprise Edition

Focus on solving enterprise-scale problems for mission critical workloads using secure graph data. Features like EnterpriseGraph, SmartGraph and SmartJoins allow lightning fast query execution, while Datacenter to Datacenter Replication increase fault tolerance, and Encryption 360, LDAP integration, Data Masking, and Detailed Auditing enable highly secure work with ArangoDB.

Together with feature-rich and fast drivers for Go, Node.js, Java, C#, PHP, and other languages, a Kubernetes operator, a Spark Connector, and a SpringData integration, ArangoDB provides a solid yet flexible package to quickly adapt to changing needs.

ArangoDB SatelliteGraphs Schema


SatelliteGraphs allow replication of graphs to multiple machines within a cluster for local query execution of queries involving graphs. Optimal solution for using document or time series data in combination with graph queries for analytical and operational needs.


Not all use cases require horizontal scalability. In such cases, a OneShard deployment offers a practicable solution that enables significant performance improvements by massively reducing cluster-internal communication.

ArangoDB 3.6 Enterprise OneShard Feature
Datacenter to datacenter replication topology

Datacenter to Datacenter Replication

Run a distributed database in one datacenter and replicate all transactions to another datacenter. Our solution is asynchronous and scales to arbitrary cluster sizes. It is fault-tolerant without a single point of failure.


Scale with graphs into a cluster and stay performant. This unique feature enables you to explore entirely new spheres in graph usage and provides nearly the same performance of graph traversals as a single instance setup.

Sharded graph with ArangoDB SmartGraph
Satellite Collections


Faster join operations when working with sharded datasets. Avoid expensive network hops with collections replicated to each machine to allow local joins.


SmartJoins are a solution for running fast distributed JOIN operations against sharded collections by utilizing a smart sharding scheme allowing JOIN operations with minimal network traffic.

SmartJoins Schema ArangoDB 3.5

Enterprise Security

Safeguard your data with additional high-security features: Auditing, Encryption at rest, LDAP integration and Encrypted backup.

Enhanced Data Masking

Safeguard sensitive user data by creating obfuscated exports when working in environments posing a risk of data leak.

Download ArangoDB Enterprise Edition for evaluation and find all important details about the services included in an Enterprise Edition license on our subscription page.

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