What performance can you expect from ArangoDB?

NoSQL Performance Test

We compared the multi-model database ArangoDB with MongoDB (document store), Neo4j (graph database), OrientDB (multi-model database) and PostgreSQL (RDBMS) using nodejs and a SNAP dataset (Pokec). The complete test-setup is on Github and the results will be updated when we receive improvements / pull requests.

NoSQL Performance Test

ArangoDB Cluster Performance

In this blog post, we explain how an ArangoDB cluster with 640 virtual CPUs can sustain a write load of 1.1 million JSON documents per second, which amounts to approximately 1GB of data per second. It takes a single short command and a few minutes to deploy this system, running on 80 nodes, using using the Mesosphere Datacenter Operating System (DCOS).

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ArangoDB Cluster Benchmark
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