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Graph & Beyond Lunch Break #14: Monitoring ArangoDB

Calling monitoring services and certainly, those in production as best practices is surely understated. Not only does one gain insight into resource utilisation and can thus responsibly and optimally adjust the environment for apparent needs But one is put in the position to understand failures on the application as well as service side. ArangoDB exposes tons of metrics as counters, values, and histograms.

In this lunch and learn session, Kaveh Vahedipour shows how to set up and read monitoring on ArangoDB instances, walks you through the most significant metrics, and discusses alerting based on them.

Kaveh Vahedipour

Kaveh Vahedipour

About the Presenter:

Kaveh is a Master’s in theoretical physics in Cologne, Zuerich, and Bonn. Ph.D. in physics. He joined ArangoDB in 2016 after medical imaging research and lecturing at Juelich Research Center, RWTH Aachen University, Maastricht University, and New York University as a core software engineer. He has been responsible for the development of core facilities in the ArangoDB cluster; among them the consensus infrastructure.