Why ArangoDB?

Multi-model is the future. Explore the reasons here.

Native Multi-model

A native multi-model database from the ground up, supporting key/value, document and graph models. You can model your data in a very flexible way.

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ArangoDB Cluster

Self-healing Cluster

ArangoDB can operate as a distributed & highly scalable database cluster. It runs on Kubernetes, including persistent primitives & easy cluster setup.

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How does ArangoDB stack up against others in terms of performance? What gains does it have on single-model or other multi-model database?

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Enterprise Edition

SmartJOINs, Satellite Collections, SmartGraphs, Enterprise Security, Enhanced Data Masking & Datacenter to Datacenter Replication.

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Natively integrated cross-platform indexing, text-search and ranking engine for information retrieval, optimized for speed and memory.

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Case Studies

Customer success stories from around the world: challenges, solutions and the benefits gained from using multi-model database – ArangoDB.

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Managed Service for ArangoDB: ArangoDB Oasis

ArangoDB Oasis provides fully hosted, managed, and monitored cluster deployments of any size, with enterprise-grade security. Focus on your application; our specialists take care of the rest.

ArangoDB Query Language

AQL provides a powerful way to access and combine all data access strategies in ArangoDB.

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Foxx Microservices

Unify your data storage logic, reduce network overhead and secure sensitive data with Foxx.

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Full GeoJSON Support

Enrich your graph, document or search queries with geo-locational aspects.

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ArangoDB Enterprise Edition adds: SmartJOINs, Satellite Collections, SmartGraphs, Enterprise Security, Data Masking & DC2DC Replication

ArangoDB vs. MongoDB

ArangoDB vs. MongoDB


ArangoDB vs. Cassandra

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