ArangoDB NoSQL Multi-Model Database: Graph, Document, Key/Value

Graph and Beyond

Natively store data for graph, document and search needs.
Utilize feature-rich access with one query language.

Cloud - On-Prem - Anywhere

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Scalable Fraud Detection
With Multi-Model

ArangoDB is a leader in Graph Databases on G2

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ArangoDB means a simpler life for


Powerful Applications

Map data natively to the database and access it with the best patterns for the job – traversals, joins, search, ranking, geospatial, aggregations – you name it.


Simpler Backend

Polyglot persistence without the costs. Easily design, scale and adapt your architectures to changing needs and with much less effort.

Data Scientists

Advanced Feature Engineering

Combine the flexibility of JSON with semantic search and graph technology for next generation feature extraction even for large datasets.

ArangoDB Oasis: Cloud Service for ArangoDB

ArangoDB Oasis Managed Service for ArangoDB

A scalable, fully managed graph database, document store and search engine in one place. ArangoDB Oasis is the managed service for ArangoDB. Get running deployments in minutes on:

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Simple, Elastic Scalability

Configure and run deployments within minutes. Scale up & down anytime without service interruption. Leverage unique ArangoDB features like SmartGraphs or SmartJoins for high-end performance when data is distributed.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Strong encryption on transit, at rest and for all backups. Oasis supports IP-whitelisting, clear access roles and configurable policies for each deployment. Build highly secure GDPR, HIPAA and PCI compliant applications.

Multi-tenant Optimized

All available deployment modes on ArangoDB Oasis are optimized for multi-tenant applications. Fire-up OneShard or cluster deployments to easily serve multiple customers in a highly secure environment.

Designed For Teamwork

Easily organize your deployments into projects and use clear and fine-grained role & access management to all levels of your organization. Create granular access control of deployments for e.g. development, staging and production.

Open source and runs everywhere


A Powerful Query Language For All Data Models

AQL is a declarative query language letting you access the very same data with a broad range of access patterns like traversals, JOINs, search, geospatial or any combination. Everyone experienced with SQL will have an easy start with AQL and might think AQL feels more like coding.

Get Started with AQL

Multi-Model Powered Machine Learning

A combination of JSON stores, semantic search and graph technology is often used to provide native storage and access to data – Having everything in one place accessible with one query language provides crucial advantages. With ArangoML and ArangoML Pipeline feature extraction and Pipeline observability got much simpler.

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