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One Core. One Query Language. Multiple Data Models.

Three major data models along with a full-text search and
ranking engine in one open-source core.

Graph DB
ArangoDB product positioning

One engine. One query language. Multiple models.

When you’re building your application, ultimately what matters most is having the right data model available for the task at hand.

By uniting graph, document, and key/value in a single core with the same query language, along with a full-text search and ranking engine, ArangoDB provides the flexibility to easily apply the data models you need.

A query language that feels like coding

As a declarative query language, those coming from SQL will feel right at home with AQL.

With AQL, you can use JOINs, traversals, filters, geo-spatial operations, and aggregations & combine them in a single query.

FOR meetup IN meetups
  FILTER 'NOSQL' IN meetup.topics
  FOR city IN OUTBOUND meetup held_in
    FOR programmer IN INBOUND city lives_in
      FILTER programmer.notify
      FOR cname IN city_names
        FILTER == city._key AND cname.lang == programmer.lang
        INSERT { email:, meetup: meetup._key, city: }
        INTO invitations

Scalable and runs everywhere

Our Kubernetes operator and Docker container make it easy to deploy ArangoDB on a single instance, or set up a whole cluster, effortlessly.

docker run arangodb
kubectl apply -f arangodb.yaml

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