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One Core. One Query Language.
Multiple Data Models.

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Three major NoSQL data models in one open-source database.

ArangoDB 3.2 beta release: Pluggable Storage Engine with RocksDB, Distributed Graph Processing and a ClusterFoxx. Read more here.

ArangoDB Training Center 1.0: Courses, tutorials, videos & more. Contributions are very welcome!
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Live Q&A Session with ArangoDB CTO and our AQL ninja
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ArangoDB Graph Course for Freshers: The Shortest_Path to first graph skills
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Production ready highly available Multi-Model NoSQL database

Single Instance

You can use ArangoDB as a specialized database for key/values, documents or graphs and even mix up those data models in one query. Thanks to its C++ core it’s very fast.


Synchronous replication. Automatic failover. Self-organizing cluster state management. Fast cluster startup. Easy maintenance. Multiple data models. All with an ArangoDB Cluster.

Mixed Services

Modern Architectures demand scalability, polyglot persistence and low maintenance. Modern data center operating systems put your data cluster on autopilot.

New to ArangoDB and Graphs?

Key features in a nutshell


  • JOINs
  • Transactions
  • Schemaless
  • JSON Objects
  • Secondary Indexes
  • Compact Storage



ArangoDB Enterprise Edition adds:


Enable an additional performance and speed boost while working with large distributed graphs. This Enterprise Edition add-on grants query-time close to a single machine.

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Ensure compliance to requirements in high-security production scenarios like in health-care, banking or defense. This additional feature logs all read and write operations to a central place.

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Encryption Control

Forbid obsolete encryption techniques – choose a higher level of security thanks to increased control over SSL encryption. Comes as an add-on with the Enterprise Edition of ArangoDB.

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Deployment, scaling and high availability made simple

Deploy ArangoDB on a single instance or setup a whole cluster with ease.
Put your data center on autopilot with ArangoDB – the only fully certified multi-model database for DC/OS.

docker run arangodb
dcos package install arangodb
ArangoDB NoSQL database and DC/OS
ArangoDB NoSQL database on DC/OS

Extend ArangoDB to your needs with our JS framework Foxx

Foxx is a powerful JS framework to extend your possibilities with ArangoDB and increase productivity. You can create JavaScript-based microservices. Any logic can run directly in the database. Powered by Googles™ V8.

Put data-intensive business logic directly into the database, reduce network latency and traffic. Increase the performance of your applications with ArangoDB’s Foxx Framework for data-centric microservices.

You can install common services like session or user services, oauth2 and more with just a click. Deploy them automatically to a single instance or a whole cluster.

ArangoDB NoSQL database Foxx Web UI

AQL - One SQL-like Query Language for all Data Models

Create queries for documents, key-value-pairs and graphs with just one self-explaining query language AQL. You can even mix up different data models in one query.

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FOR meetup IN meetups
  FILTER 'NOSQL' IN meetup.topics
  FOR city IN OUTBOUND meetup held_in
    FOR programmer IN INBOUND city lives_in
      FILTER programmer.notify
      FOR cname IN city_names
        FILTER == city._key AND cname.lang == programmer.lang
        INSERT { email:, meetup: meetup._key, city: }
        INTO invitations

We use ArangoDB for our dPaaS solution Alloy™ Health Platform. ArangoDB is a perfect fit for the shape of our data and the shape of our queries, for both document and graph need.

Brad Anderson, VP Big Data Analytics Liaison Technologies

We’re already seeing impressive results before optimizing our AQL queries. Besides superior flexibility, performance killers don’t even cause ArangoDB to break a sweat.

Gary Gendel, Chief Software Architect IC Manage

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