How to use ArangoDB on Uberspace?

ArangoDB is (not yet) available on Uberspace. So how to use it? Basically Uberspace is a Centos 6 linux system, so you can use the executables provided. I’ve created a small shell script to install ArangoDB on an Uberspace system. Note that this is still experimental.

Log in and execute

During the installtion you have the optin to bind the server to an IPv4 address, an IPv6 address, localhost, or unix domain sockets. Please note that – with the exception of domain sockets – everyone can connect to this socket. So, you should supply a password when using normal sockets.

This will create a folder “arangodb” with the executables and JavaScript files for ArangoDB. It also creates to shell scripts “” and “” to start the server and the shell with the correct path. You can move these files into your “bin” folder.