ArangoDB new documentation released

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Dear ArangoDB users, we are proud to announce our new manual for ArangoDB. It is a complete overhaul, with huge changes and improvements, which became necessary because the old manual grew so fast and was edited by so many people, that it became inconsistent. We would appreciate if you could give us feedback. Either by writing comments in the google groups or by opening issues in the GitHub repository.

You can find our new manual here.

Changes highlights:

  • Everything in one place: user manual, developers manual and adminstrators manual
  • Completely new, consistent and themable design
  • Improved navigation through sidebar
  • Powerful search function
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About Thomas Schmidts

Thomas is responsible for ensuring that the user manual is easy to read, understandable and that it is working correctly. Also he is responsible to keep the content of the website up-to-date.