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Milestone ArangoDB 3.4:

ArangoSearch – Information retrieval with ArangoDB

Getting Started

This guide for ArangoDB freshers will make you familiar with all basic features and functionalities of ArangoDB in 5 easy steps.

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Graph Course

The course will take you all the way from zero knowledge to advanced graph query techniques in AQL.

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CRUD Tutorial

In less than 10 min you will learn how to do a Document CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) with AQL and HTTP API.

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Performance Course

Within this course, you will learn the most important strategies to speed up your queries and how to implement them.

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Start a Cluster Manually

Start ArangoDB clusters and single servers with ease by using a convenient straightforward tool – arangodb.

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SQL / AQL - Comparison

The ArangoDB Query Language (AQL) is similar to the Structured Query Language (SQL) in its purpose.

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Spring Data integration for ArangoDB

In this extensive Spring Data demo we explain the basic usage of Spring Data ArangoDB with all its key features. The dataset in this demo consists of Game of Thrones characters and locations from the first season.

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Satellite Collections

How ArangoDB can speed up JOIN operations on huge datasets and reduce network communication among machines.

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Step by step guide about how to test and tune MMfiles and RocksDB engine for your use case and your own data.

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Permissions with Foxx

Learn how to use the Foxx framework by creating a fine-grained permission control management service.

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Learn how to use the new Pregel algorithm and community detection in ArangoDB 3.2. You will learn how to import a graph dataset, run one of the algorithms and prepare a dataset for e.g. SmartGraph usage.

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Learn when and how to use SmartGraphs in a cluster setup. You will use data from the social network Pokec to understand the idea behind SmartGraphs and how to use SmartGraphs for your own project.

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Experience the power of AQL (ArangoDB Query Language)

Quick start - 10 min tutorials

Advanced Topics

Handling Billions Of Edges

An online video about distributed graphs including hands-on examples of queries.

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Arangoexport is capable of exporting a graph or certain collections of a graph to xgmml, Cytoscape’s graph format.

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Arangochair is a tool for listening to changes in the database and executing actions like pushing a document.

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ArangoDB Cluster Administration Course

From concept and anatomy of the cluster to maintenance, resilience and troubleshooting.

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What does the Foxx say?

Writing first Foxx Service

Foxx is a JavaScript framework for writing data-centric HTTP microservices that run directly inside ArangoDB. This course will take you from an empty folder to a first Foxx service querying data.

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Getting started with Foxx

“Getting started with ArangoDB and Foxx: Joifully CRUD-y in the best way” is a tutorial written by our community member, Kyle Davis, including a little bit of isomorphic validation.

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ArangoDB NoSQL database Foxx Web UI

Individual Training

ArangoDB grew out of a database consulting company. Leverage our decades of experience for your ideas and projects. We offer Training & Consulting, Development Support, Service Level Agreements. Are you creating a brand new startup? Have a look at our Startup Specials!

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ArangoDB Videos

Watch latest educational videos about ArangoDB from past events.

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ArangoDB Events

Check out the upcoming ArangoDB events and meet the team in your city.

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