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ArangoDB Oasis: Cloud Service for ArangoDB

Foxx Microservices

Foxx Microservices

Foxx: How it works

Write data access & domain logic as microservices running in the database with native access to in-memory data.

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Getting Started with Foxx

Introduction to Foxx Microservices that will take you from an empty folder to a first Foxx service querying data.

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ArangoDB Foxx CLI

Foxx CLI is easy to use node-based command line tool for managing and developing ArangoDB Foxx services.

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Permissions with Foxx

Tutorial on how to use the Foxx framework by creating a fine-grained permission control management service.

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Fault-tolerant Foxx

Tutorial on how Foxx service are distributed within a cluster and how the cluster is self-healing the environment.

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Intro to the Foxx Microservices

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