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We are proud to announce the GA 3.0 release of the ArangoDB-NetworkX Adapter!

The ArangoDB-Networkx Adapter exports Graphs from ArangoDB, a multi-model Graph Database, into NetworkX, the swiss army knife for graph analysis with python, and vice-versa.

Back in November 2021, we (quietly) released its 1.0 distribution, which overhauled the adapter in its entirety. We refactored its existing feature of converting ArangoDB graphs to NetworkX, and introduced the ability to convert NetworkX graphs to ArangoDB, via a range of developer-friendly options. It’s also open source!

This latest major release complements previous overhaul & restoration changes by optimizing adapter functionality, polishing its codebase, and improving documentation. For more information on what’s changed between the 2.0 & 3.0 releases, see networkx-adapter/releases/tag/3.0.0

This blog post will serve as a walkthrough of the ArangoDB-NetworkX Adapter, via its official Jupyter Notebook.

We will cover the following use cases:

  1. ArangoDB to NetworkX
    1. Via an ArangoDB graph
    2. Via a set of ArangoDB collections
    3. Via a user-defined metagraph
  2. NetworkX to ArangoDB
    1. Homogeneous graphs
    2. Heterogeneous graphs
  3. Full Cycles
    1. ArangoDB → NetworkX → ArangoDB
    2. NetworkX → ArangoDB → NetworkX

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