ArangoDB 3.4

ArangoDB 3.4
The next big step forward

Over 40 new features, improvements and optimizations

ArangoDB 3.4 Feature Overview

Learn about the new features from the creators crew:


ArangoSearch is a natively integrated cross-platform indexing, text search and ranking engine for information retrieval in ArangoDB 3.4, optimized for speed & memory.

GeoJSON Support

Full GeoJSON support with all geo primitives, including multi-polygons or multi-line strings; increased query and filtering functionalities, and performance optimized.

Streaming Cursors

Allows to optionally execute AQL queries initiated via the cursor API in a streaming fashion, with the query results calculated on the fly.

Query Profiler

Profile your queries and get insights into how much time was spent where. Use db._profileQuery(..) in arangosh or “Profile” button in the WebUI.

RockDB Default Engine

Optimized binary storage format, optional caching, reduced replication catch-up time, exclusive collection access option, enhanced WAL sync control and more.

Cluster improvements

Faster improved cluster functionality, including load-balancer support, coordinator storage engine, advertised endpoints and startup safety checks.